About us

we make you feel at home

When you come to Eatmosfera, you are not “eating out” in the formal sense. Rather, you are treated like a friend of ours: someone we know, and someone we love having as our guest. At Eatmosfera, the smells and tastes are the same as in our mamas’ and grandmas’ kitchens, and eating in our restaurant is like having a meal at the family table. Every dish is cooked à la minute, with fresh and controlled origin ingredients. All our food is homemade, and that’s exactly what we do at Eatmosfera: make you feel at home.

Homemade pasta

crafted by hand, with passion

That is how our authentic egg pasta is made, just like in times gone by. Every day we prepare a variety of typical local pastas—long or short, smooth or filled— which respect the old traditions and contain only top-quality ingredients, carefully selected by us. Fresh eggs and organic flour are essential for light and easily digestible pasta. All Eatmosfera’s fresh pasta dishes are cooked à la minute.

Sourdough pizza

soft, full of flavour and easy to digest

Our pizzas are the result of study, dedication and love. Taking care of our sourdough requires special dedication and attention, and that’s what makes it possible to offer unique pizzas that you can only enjoy at Eatmosfera: soft, full of flavour and easy to digest. The preparation is precise and professional, and the excellent ingredients together with fresh dough make Eatmosfera’s pizzas as good as you’d find in Naples.

La vita è una combinazione di pasta e magia.

(Federico Fellini)

Uno non può pensare bene, amare bene, dormire bene, se non ha mangiato bene.

(Virginia Woolf)

Call us +31 (020) 7372 318
Parties over thirty minutes late that have not called to warn us, risk losing their table, sorry!
We do not fully book so that we are able to take walk-ins.

Lasciate che il cibo sia la vostra medicina e la vostra medicina sia il cibo.

(Ippocrate di Coo)